Keeping Customers Happy


Keeping Customers Happy

Companies are always looking for new ways to attract new customers, but there are times when they forget about the ones who were there from the very beginning.

It’s been proven in several marketing studies that it’s easier to get old customers to keep doing business with you, but how do you make sure you keep them coming back for more?

Here are four things that you can do to stay irresistible to your most loyal customers and completely charm new ones:

1. Keep things fresh.

Although customers will keep returning to something familiar and reliable, being human will always mean being on the lookout for something new as well.

Be creative with your product/service by making sure that modifications to your product line are well-researched and have gone through some testing.

Customers can tell that you don’t have their best interests in mind when you refuse to improve your product or services as they become more and more discriminating with their tastes.

Vary your packaging now and then, and come up with interesting ways to engage your customer. Try making use of technology to connect with your customer more efficiently, or going the other route by emphasizing the need to simplify your communication, yet doing it in a way that makes your customer feel special.

Whatever your strategy may be, your customer will appreciate the effort you took to keep his or her experience with your company dynamic and interesting.

2. Commit your customers to heart.

Always smile and promptly greet your customers, whether it’s at a brick-and-mortar storefront or a virtual one. Get to know their names, remember them, and use them.

According to a study by Dennis P. Camody and Michael Lewis, hearing one’s own name triggers a unique brain functioning. It makes customers feel special and acknowledged.

Depending on the type of business relationship or the amount of face time you have with your customer, get to know them on a non-business level, too. Send them birthday cards or a small token to show them you appreciate their continued business. Extend a special discount or an added service or freebie if you know it is their special day.

Make it your company’s personal mission to make your customer’s day a little brighter through your product or service and properly trickle it down across the organization. There is no doubt that the customer will feel this special treatment.

3. Don’t underrate the act of listening.

Observe your customers at every chance you get and pay close attention to their habits. Does Mr. A like sugar in his coffee, or does he like it black? What size or color does Ms. H usually shop for online or in your store?

Your customer is trying to tell you something each time that they transact with you.

This is valuable information that could make or break your business. Be smart and take notes. Showing that you are paying attention is showing your customer that you care.

Each moment of the customer’s precious time that he or she chooses to spend with you is a gift. Don’t waste it. Keep these instances positive.

4. When you err, admit it, then make it right.

Many times, customers making a complaint on a service or product are turned off by long-winded statements, when all they wanted was a simple apology. No justifying what happened, no lengthy explanations. They just want to hear seven simple words: “I am sorry. I will fix it.”

Acknowledging a mistake calms a customer down when something goes wrong because they feel validated instead of being made to feel that they had just imagined the whole situation.

Even if you were not directly at fault for whatever grief the customer had experienced, take responsibility and ensure that the issue is resolved within a reasonable amount of time.