Standardizing Customer Service


Standardizing Customer Service

As you continue to grow your company, make sure that your customers are getting a consistent experience across all your branches or offices. This is not only critical to building your company’s brand and reputation, it is also crucial to getting your customers’ trust and repeat business.

Here are some tips to standardize your service as your company grows:

1. Clearly define your company’s mission, vision, and values.

Everyone in the entire organization needs to know these by heart and understand how their roles translate to the company’s reason for being. It is not enough to have these documented and filed away somewhere or have them up on walls. Employees need to have customer service training on a regular basis knowing how the company’s policies support the mission and vision.

2. Utilize and take advantage of various forms of social media.

You can set up a Twitter or Facebook account solely for customer feedback. Make sure these are explicitly stated in your social media platforms so customers don’t mistake these as marketing or sales engines. Bear in mind that turnaround times that are indicated on these touchpoints should be strictly adhered to.

3. Consider having an online chat service.

If your budget allows it, allocate resources to respond to customers on a real-time basis. This is especially relevant if your business revolves around retail and has a wide selection of products. It will be very helpful to have an agent help out with proper sizing for clothing or describe certain things that cannot be experienced online such as texture, taste, or smell.

If your customers experience trouble making credit card payments online, an online chat service will prove to be a source of instant information, and ultimately, relief.

4. Invest in a CRM system.

There are several web-based CRM (customer relationship management) systems available, such as SugarCRM. This tool allows you to virtually track all transactions made with a specific customer and keep their contact information intact. This enables members of the company to be updated on the latest updates concerning each customer.

Another such tool is Highrisehq, which sends you text or phone reminders so you don’t forget to make that follow-up.

Both systems have mobile app versions to provide you with yet another way to keep track of your customers’ habits.

5. Pinpoint your customer service voice and stick to it.

Are you going for playful and casual? Or are you more of a traditional and formal type of service provider? This will of course be largely determined by your brand, but should be reflected consistently throughout your communication with your customers as well. Nothing is more confusing than language inappropriate to your company’s image.

On the flipside, nothing is more powerful than the right language and effective delivery, whether it be making a sincere apology or thanking a customer for repeat business. The customer should get the same treatment whether he or she is dealing with your Manila branch or with one of your regional ones.